Public GoodByes

And Reasons Why

To the World . . . and our Friends. 

As we try to make sense of


we permitted the destruction

of our sole means of life.

What else can be said?

It's much too late to now hope that

we will, somehow, come to our senses

and do what must be done!


Access and listen to the two following videos. Try to avoid thinking of suicide.



And its far too late to wage violence against all who KNEW this would happen, and still continued with their mantra of 

“More! Damn it! We Want More!”.


 And its far too late for those who needed Religion’s Lies to ease their path through life.

"Beliefs” that they claimed permitted them to murder others as a solution to whatever strife was caused by their unconfronted Greed.

The above is about our capacity for

"Empty And Meaningless Anger”. 

We shall soon see the violent expression of such, worldwide, as the reality that the lies we sought and told were never enough to satisfy our inner need for a “More!” that  most remain unable to understand.

To help all deal with the end of time:

“Public GoodByes”

invites “Personal Departure Messages” that MUST NOT contain a surfeit of anger. While some is permissible, we must also present a level of maturity that most are reluctant to utilize; and to recognize as an absolute necessity to a sane course through coming events, until we reach our end.

So be it. For better or worse, this site is launched on behalf of all who knew we were headed this way; but could not, or would not, help prevent it.

Thank you.

Go Slowly To That Garden 

Go Slowly To That Garden  

Our lovely English Rose 

To lay amidst the flowers 

On your island of Repose.  

Go slowly with our love 

With tears and petals shed 

Go slowly with our hearts and minds 

To where you'll lay your head. 

Go slowly, loving mother 

As our hearts with sadness burst 

Go slowly, dear Diana, 

In that quiet, sombre, hearse. 

Go slowly, lovely lady, 

To your timeless, special place 

Go slowly loving Princess 

To that arbor with love graced. 

Go slowly, with love's own light, 

You were our brightest Rose 

Your sons walked, were men and wept 

Before they let you go.  

Go slowly England's Rose, and know 

With tears, hearts and love we pledge 

Your dreams are ours; your boys our keep, 

Your memory will always glow.   

To the power of love. 

Copyright.  September 6, 1997  

Daniel J. Lavigne  

"Go Slowly To That Garden” 

was written while watching

Princess Diana's

funeral procession

approach the church.


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