Waving GoodBye

Here we are!

On the eve of our “GoodBye” to All!

Especially to “Life" and what it offered.

I know of no one else who is up to this task 

. . so . .

The non-stop HeatRise will continue to Rise.

The reason behind such is quite simple: 

We refused to reduce the Daily input of

80+ Million Tons

of Heat, Soot, Gasses and related Crap

into our sole atmosphere.

As did . . . Parents . . .  who shall now have

to explain to their


why they did


to prevent this from happening.


In view of that sad and sobering reality:

Public GoodByes

offers all

an opportunity to post

“Last Messages To The World”

and be assured they shall be subject to the

same special treatment

given to all messages

received from individuals having made their minds

to end their lives, rather than deal with the madness

they know awaits; as per that found at:


You may also participate by

contributing whatever you wish and

sending a subsequent e-mail containing your

“Public GoodBye Message”.

Please note that your Donation shall be directed to:


- being another effort to wake the world -

Upon receiving such, your

“Public GoodBye Message"

is posted to this site;

and is further treated

in the same manner

as described at


All such donations are used,

despite what we face, 

to support ongoing efforts to help the 

poor and disadvantaged in Cambodia.

Thank you.

Click here to access

“Public GoodBye” Messages 

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